Extracurricular Activities And Events Held In Our College

Recreational Trips

Short Trips

Long Trips

Because we believe that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.

Annual Functions

Annual Dinner

Reunion Dinner

We believe the most cherished moments happen when friends and fellows get together.


"Champions keep playing until they get it right."

We think that sports are healthy activities which produces the tolerance, power and sportsmen spirit in students.To prepare students for furture competitions.

Celebrating National Holidays

We seek to promote National festivals or holidays which helps us to keep alive the rich heritage of our country and introduce the young generation with great historical cultural values. These national festivals are also a way to spread peace, harmony and togetherness among people and make our country united and strong.

Educational Trips

We offer educational trips to our students . It allows them to learn about new environments, make them curios about key subjects. It is also a valuable exercise to broaden their mindset and encourages them to develop social, personal and study skills.

Creative competitions

We offer healthy competitions like essay writing, debate, speech, poetry & painting . Because we think that these competitions play an important role in the development of students personality and motivates them to perform with exceptionally . Competitions offer a chance for participants to gain experience,analyze and uncover personal aptitude. Students are awarded with certificates, prize money & trophies.